Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flash brain game 4: Africa Repeat

Africa Repeat is a geography and memory game submitted to the Experimental Gameplay Project for the April REPEAT theme.

Speed, map recognition, and remembering how many times you've seen each nation (the repeats) are all vital to a high score. You can compete on Kongregate or download the SWF.

Two types of people play Africa Repeat:

1) Those who know Africa's map.
2) Those that don't.

Type 1 play a speed/memory game, in Africa.

Type 2 play a map game with an easy memory task, and learn Africa to become Type 1. (took me ~dozen plays over a few days; the memory task makes learning inevitable; and you learn to speed up, directly increasing the difficulty of the memory task)

It's a repetitious game with repetitive music that needs to played repeatedly to break through to its memory-challenging repeat-counting gameplay...but it may be useful if you want memories of Africa's map.


STEP 1: Name the nation, using the mouse, arrows, or WASD.

This is Congo right?

STEP 2: Count the times this nation has repeated.

Oh, Morocco.
# repeats? I've seen Morocco one time, so zero repeats.

STEP 3: Repeat until the game ends. (2.5 minutes)

That's definitely not Somalia.

Zero repeats, first time seeing not-Somalia.

Mauritius again.

1 repeat of the M-island.

Three choices when score hits 1000.

Four choices at 2000+.
Still not Congo.

STEP 4: Repeat to mastery.. (>2.5 minutes)

Scoring details

Answering STEP 1 (naming) correctly increases your score's multiplier, from 0x to 54x. Correct responses add 4 to the multiplier, and incorrect responses subtract 4.

STEP 2 (repeat counting) correctly increases your score by the current multiplier, from 0 to 54. Incorrect guesses eat points.

Imagery from NASA.

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