Flash brain games

Like WMW, most of the Flash games on this website use dynamic difficulty adjustment. What this means is that as you give correct answers, the game becomes more difficult, up to infinity, and when you give incorrect answers, the game gets easier, down to easy.

games with dynamic difficulty adjustment

Pitch Listener - Listen to the two piano notes, and count the semitones (half-steps) between them.

Chase The Rainbow - Click the disappearing colors.

Incoming Happy! CANNOT SEE - Touch the nearest happy face while they become increasingly obstructed.

Number Sequencer - Remember where the numbers appear, and click them in the given order.

Clk Tone Seq - Remember the notes relative to each other, and repeat them either high-to-low or low-to-high as prompted.

Play Piano Backwards - Repeat the prompted piano keys in reverse order.

games without dynamic difficulty adjustment

Logical Comparisons - Compare the current items to the previous items based on the given semantics and attribute dimension - color, number, size, shape, speed, or direction. Engages your memory and task-switching abilities, which are probably executive functions.

Africa Repeat - 1) name the nation, 2) count the repeats of that nation; engages map knowledge and memory. Though the game doesn't have dynamic difficulty adjustment, it does get increasingly more difficult as you improve, so easy to learn, difficult to master probably applies.

Highest Lowest Math Test - Point to the highest or lowest value on screen. Each value is a simple arithmetic problem (add, subtract, multiply, or divide).