WMW faq

What is Working Memory Workout?
free PC memory game/tool inspired by the N-back, a task that may increase a healthy person's intelligence. A great N-back resource is Gwern's N-back FAQFor more information see the features or Facebook pages.

Free as in free beer?
Yeah, but also free as in free speech - see the the FSF's definition of free software. WMW is open-source and free to download.

Tool might better describe the usage of WMW than game. It's definitely for the self-motivated. Future releases from me will be more gamelike.

System requirements?
WMW is for the PC, and your computer must be capable of running XNA 3.1. If you want to play it on the Xbox, you can compile it from the source code.

Will I see results?
That's totally for you to decide. Keep in mind, the game is designed to be played over weeks and months. Good luck! :)

I have a question.
Please, post a comment, or email me at ryanatkn at gmail.