Friday, June 11, 2010

Flash brain game 8: Logical Comparisons

Logical Comparisons is a task-switching memory game that probably works your executive functions.

Each round, compare the items on screen to those from the previous round.

Left/A if FALSE, Right/D if TRUE. The game lasts 60 seconds, and graphs your scores.

Speed is either fast or slow.
Direction is clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Shape is square or circle.
Size is large or small.
Number is the item count.
Color is...


  1. Hello Ryan,

    I can't seem to get the game to work. It simply won't load. There is just a blank white screen.

  2. Hello again Ryan. The Adobe website claims that the program is installed. The game on the blog, and the link you gave me, is still having the same problems. I will try again on a different computer.

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  4. Hello Ryan,

    I was able to play the game after switching to Firefox.

    I must say that you created a fine game. I spent at least several hours playing it in the last 2 days. Very creative, and unlike most task-switching games on the web, fun.

    A small suggestion. To my knowledge, all of the literature focusing on task-switching training alternates between switching and identical-tasks every other trial, or identical-task trials are performed with the task occasionally switching at random.

    In logical comparisons, the tasks are (almost) always switched every trial(as opposed to random points). Since the user will begin to anticipate the switch, this could (possibly) lower the amount of inhibitory control required to switch tasks, since it is known when the tasks will switch. Perhaps you can give the option of using non-switching tasks as well?

    Other than that, I thought the game is great. Keep up the good work! I must say you have an excellent selection of original games here.

  5. Thanks for the comments jttoto. I fixed the Internet Explorer bug (hopefully).

    Your suggestion about the task switch being anticipated is right on. I'll change the game to give it only a 50% chance of switching the comparison dimension and semantic task. That should increase the inhibition needed.


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