learn WMW

These video and picture help resources explain the basic N-back matching operation, one of WMW's 13 game modes.


When you start the game, you'll see this.
Remember where the circle is, and click anything.

Is this circle in the same position as the one above?
No. So we right-click.

Is this a match to the last one?
No. Right-click.


That's a match! Left-click.

Oh look, we "leveled up"; N now equals 2.
There's a second box at the bottom of the screen.
Meanwhile, this is different, so right-click.

This is that second box, totally new and different from the first.
Remember where the circle is, and then click anything.

Not a match, right click.

Not a match, right click.

  • You're now tracking two different sets of positions.
  • If you make enough incorrect guesses, it'll adjust back to one.
  • You win only if you win.

The colors in the actual game are not strictly used to distinguish chunks of information from each other. They can be if desired though, if the helper is disabled and color bouncing is enabled.